Renegade Princeps Introspection 10

Here are some thoughts from the players about the direction the characters are going. I had to mull over Vaervenshyael's reaction to seeing Roderic hanging and dying:

I still maintain that my actions were completely in character considering 1) the bloody Sigmarite zealots had been goading me since we first saved them from the beastmen. Then their friends did the same at the tower. 2) My background states I am "against injustice" and "take the law in my own hands". 3) the priest really is a resident of Padua, and I work for Prince Ludovic. 4) I did not attack them first. I drew my sword to cut down the priest and only defended myself once attacked. 5) It's a bit more meta, but: the tooth. Don't forget the tooth.

I just needed to write that out to convince myself I'm not still playing Mordrin. It seems valid to me.

The Doctor's player chimed in:

I don't disagree, and I think there are plenty of totally valid reasons why elves may do things that humans are confused by, especially when they defy the behaviors that humans would normally attribute to them.
Tankred's player:

Eh, Tankred, doesn't care. A little heads up if he needs to start killing, would be nice. But really, that is what he gets paid for, so he really has no qualms about it.
Tankred will slaughter the whole place for beer money, so it is all good. He is a bit morally grey, you might say. 
 And Wilhelm's player makes a good point:

Wilhelm might have reacted poorly to a perceived threat... but to be fair he was brutally beaten last combat.
All in all, I think the GM set us up for the perfect storm.

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