First Level D&D Monsters

I don't always want to use kobolds, goblins, and giant rats for first level adventures. Let's see what else I can dredge up out of the 2e Monstrous Manual, not including psionics or good creatures:

Bat, Common 1-2 hp
Bat, Large 1/2 - 1 HD
Beetle, Fire 1+2 HD
Bird (various)
Bullywug 1 HD
Cat, Wild 1 HD
Centipede, Giant 2 hp
Crawling Claw 2-4 hp
Dog, Wild 1+1 HD
Dwarf, Duergar 1+2 HD
Fish (various)
Frog (various)
Fungus, Gas spore 1 hp
Gibberling 1 HD
Gremlins (4/6 listed are 1-1 HD or less)
Grippli 1+1 HD
Hatori (sand crocodile), Lesser 1-5 HD
Hobgoblin 1+1 HD (yeah, a goblin, but it may be considered a change still)
Human (various)
Insect, (various, each with interesting abilities)
Insect swarm
Ixitxachitl 1+1 HD
Leech, giant 1-4 HD
Mammal (various)
Merman 1+1 HD
Mold Men 1 to 6 HD
Mongrelmen 1-4 HD
Muckdweller 1/2 HD
Myconid 1-6 HD
Piercer 1-4 HD
Plant, Intelligent, Obliviax 1-2 hp
Poltergeist 1/2 HD
Skeleton 1 HD (don't forget animal skeletons 1-1 HD)
Snake, Heway 1+3 HD
Spider, Hairy or Large 1-1 to 1+1 HD
Tasloi 1 HD
Urchin, Black 1+1 HD
Worm, Bookworm or Rot Grub 1/4 HD or less

Those are just 1 HD or less creatures. I'm sure a small party could take on some 2 HD creatures as well. That would significantly expand the list. Let's give kobolds, goblins, and giant rats a rest for a while.

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