Mini Review: The Manor Issue 5

The Manor is a labor of love OSR 'zine put out by Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor.


Great! I really like the first one. I have never heard of an elf-troll cross before, but I love it and can't wait to use it.


These potions are very imaginative. Maybe overpowered,  But they set the mind to thinking...

Tavern Names

I love this table. I need to keep this handy from now on.


This is a great addition to something we do indeed take for granted. Excellent idea. I can already imagine a few add-ons to the doors listed. (The necromantic door really needs an add-on to attract and house incorporeal undead.)

Random City Encounters

Also good for the imagination. I really like one called Child Killer. It would make a good scenario going on in the background of an adventure.

The art is also very good in this issue. I applaud Jay Penn and Jeff Freels.


Tim Shorts said…
Thanks you Roger for taking the time to do the review. Glad you liked the issue.

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