Jumping the Gender Divide

(Inspired by episode 21 of the podcast Gaming and BS.)

I'd say around 20% of my characters are female. I'm that guy who plays female characters, and I have always been that guy. For me, roleplaying is about exploring a character concept. I'm not a fighter, so I will explore that concept via a character. I'm not an elf, so I'll explore that through a character.

Similarly, I occasionally  want to explore how these race/class combos work via a female character. How did the concept differ, when all was said and done, from my male character of that race/class?

I'm currently playing a female elf protagonist in a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game. So far, not much is different than if I had played the character as a male, but I can see it slowly changing. It just adds another level of challenge and exploration to an already amazing game.

For those of us out there really trying to get into new and thought-provoking roles, jumping the gender divide at some point seems all but required.

If you have a thought about men playing women and women playing me in RGPs, feel free to share it here!


Anonymous said…
My advice, as someone who plays a fair number of cross gender characters, is build a stong character idea first. Gender is only a part of the constellation that makes up a person.

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