Renegade Princeps Introspection 1

My character was critically hit in the last session, and I'm pretty sure it was my own fault. With a duelist mindset, I charged someone, however I'm not a duelist yet. I'm a weak, first-career elf with little armor (except over the body).

I didn't size the guy up first (does he look strong or tough, does he handle himself confidently, does he look like he knows how to use that sword, etc). I just went in swinging. That strategy worked for my troll slayer, but it's not going to work for my elf.

Since then, I've read over the combat rules a little more. I think I can make more use of two-weapon fighting style, guarding, parrying, and dodging (not that I didn't try to dodge...). They are rules I've never used before, but this is a new character and a time to try new things. I'm kind of excited.

I hope the next combat goes a little better for me.


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