Actual Fun or Expected Fun?

Gnome Stew posted an article about standing at the crossroads, wondering whether or not to take the adventure/campaign up a notch.

The question reminds me of various scenarios of inviting people over to play games. Everyone showed up under the expectation of playing, but we never actually got around to playing. Everyone was having so much fun chatting and catching up that gaming never even began. This has happened more than once.

Now, when (or if) the fun chatter stops, then start the game or next phase of the game. For certain, don't ruin anyone's improvised fun to get to your planned fun. Fun is fun, and whether we play or not, we are all going to look back a the good time we had.

This happens often in our games as well. Improvisation takes over, and fun is had by all. Don't stop actual fun for expected fun. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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