[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 13 - 18

Kryphon - Half Elf Rogue (Bounty Hunter)

My Companions
Kerun - Half Elf Berserker (twin brother to my character)
Gemmabink - Gnome Fighter
Leonardo - Human Summoner

Session 13 Tarsahk 23rd (02/04/2008)

We found the Eternity Bow which kills a vampire automatically on the roll of a 20. There is also a Brass Lantern ring which makes a single globe of light for 2 hours.

Kryphon used the eternity bow to kill the horror. It was a little girl who was a vampire. Rolled a 20.

Overheard at the gaming table:
Kryphon: "I'm going shopping. You don't need anything, do you?"
Kerun: "No. I've got pants."

Session 14 Tarsahk 23rd (02/11/2008)

Set up contact with a 9 year old boy??

Kryphon visited temple of Lathander. He was hailed as a hero. He didn't want the attention, so he told them he was Kerun (they are twins). Found the general direction to the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.

Session 15 Tarsahk 24th and Mirtul 1st (02/25/2008)

Jeffrey is a 13 year old boy who works at the stables. He hero-worships Kryphon. Kryphon has taken him on as his protege.

Kryphon uses his tracking skills to get to the Haunted Halls. The party is attacked from behind by 2 owlbears along the way.

Session 16 Mirtul 1st (03/03/2008)

Tracked to the owlbear lair. Found scattered gold.

(New hand. See secret note?)

Took a dagger and three arrow heads from the beginning of the Halls.

Session 17 Mirtul 1st and 2nd (03/17/2008)

(At some point, I'm not quite sure when, Kryphon was killed and replaced by a doppelganger during the night watch. Let's say is was the night of the 1st.)

Found a pressure plate trap and disarmed it. Got a crossbow dart from a hidden arrow slot for my troubles. It was poisoned. Character went unconscious and was babysat by Leonardo.

Found a cheap looking necklace in a column, adorned with 4 pyramid shapes. Also found a hand crossbow with 3 pouches of poisoned darts.

Session 18 Mirtul 2nd (03/24/2008)

Fought multiple ghosts. Found an ointment of healing, and oil of dexterity, a dagger of impaling, and Shoon's Buckler (black metal with fist grip, shield +2, glows as light spell on mental command, "Tethma" = master of the buckler, "Sekoe" =\ levitates for 6 rounds under mental command and can carry 600 lbs up down or push, "Brund" = the shield and the creature touching it Blink for 7 rounds).


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