[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 40

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Vampire Hunter
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer (Absent)
Durak Braksson - Dwarf

Tegort - Ogre bodyguard
Abelhardt Mullberger - Journeyman Apprentice
Fickuld - Young Camp Follower

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We attacked the front gate.

True to Mullberger's vision, we had no problem navigating through the remainder of the barrows, and the necromantic dwarf wights did not bother us in the least. There were four evil elves and a twisted female daemon of some sort (I will have to look more into these things when the time permits) guarding the gate. It seems the battle prowess of elves is overstated, as I'm not sure any of us were even injured getting into the keep.

I was going to kill another daemon, but Udrin banished her back to the infernal realms. Sometimes he's a killjoy.

Behind unlocked iron doors stretched an extremely long hallway. An evil elf was running up the hall, most likely to give warning of our appearance, but I swiftly took him down with my crossbow. We could hear chanting and see multiple shapes milling around a room at the end of the hall.

We headed up the hall until a large evil elf with a hefty looking warhammer came to the doorway of the room ahead and told us we were too late to stop his evil machinations (or something like that). Udrin recognized a prisoner chained the in room behind the large elf. It was a dwarf by the name of Mordrin, someone Udrin had told us was dead.

Though the dwarf didn't look very good, it didn't look like he was dead. From what I could see, he had metal attached to his head, his ribs, and one of his hands. Otherwise, he was completely unarmed and unarmored. He didn't look like he was really paying attention, so I don't know what's going on. We'll have to head up the hall and find out.

(Read Mordrin's Story)


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