Star Wars RPG 2

We begin with our heroes finishing their basic training. Beka gave our heroes their first assignment: locate rebel hero Zan Wilhelm. Zan was scouting a sector of space that contained the planet of Gobindi for possible new rebel bases. 

Having been temporary assigned two X-wings, the group arrived in the Gobindi system and scanning was started for debris. Wreckage was soon found in orbit of Gobindi, but no escape pod. Two TIE fighters were encountered and shot down in orbit of the planet. Further scanning found the pod on the surface of the planet. 

The pod appeared intact, but the pilot was missing. Tracks showed that Zan had been captured and placed on board a repulsor lift vehicle. Scans led our heroes to a secret imperial base. 

There a quick battle with the remaining two TIE fighters on the base got our heroes two more kills. Landing in the compound, our heroes attempted to steal the Imperial shuttle that was on the landing pad, but the doors wouldn't open. The base's hangar was severely damaged before the team decided to retreat back to their base without having accomplished their objective.[1]

Upon reporting back to Beka, a strike force was assembled and flew off to Gobindi in a YT-1300. The raid on the Imperial base resulted on casualties on both sides, but far worse for the Imperials.

With the elimination of all stormtroopers and officers, only the tech crew was left. Supplies were rounded up along with the wounded and the dead. The officer's shuttle was taken and all returned to their base in the ashes of Korr. 

A few days after their return to base, Alderaan was destroyed.

[1] The team felt themselves seriously outnumbered, with shooters from the hanger and the Imperial base, while only one person on the team even had a rifle.


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