March 28th, 2009: Skullstompas vs Heroes

On Saturday, March 28th the Black Pass Skullstompas took the pitch against Hobbly's Heroes for the first Olde Worlde League game of the season. Fifteen thousand rowdy BloodBowl fans took the stands for the inaugural game. The weather was perfect, as was the game.

There were two casualties and 5 knockouts for Saturday's game, giving the fans a taste of what's to come in the future. For casualties, Varg Facepuller badly hurt Hobbly's Patrick Squire, causing him to miss the rest of the game yet suffer no long term effects. Hobbly's ogre, Brakk Badgerbreath, repaid the favor when he badly hurt Gort Sheepbane. Again, the player missed the rest of the game yet will suffer no long term effects. You can't have it all, now can you?

There were two spectacular plays in the game, one from each team.

In the first half, Joe Ratcatcher, one of Hobbly's catchers, dodged two snarling orcs, picked up a loose ball, and threw it to the other catcher on his team, Frederick Trapper, for a most unexpected touchdown. This amazing show of agility earned Joe the MVP title from the game. His teammates will probably look to him as a leader on the field from now on.

For the Skullstompas, one of the blitzers, Don Ratgnawer, made an amazing play including a blitz on Hobbly, running to the endzone, and catching a touchdown pass from his teammate.

Hobbly's Heroes also ended the first half with a long bomb to Frederick Trapper, he second out of three touchdowns for the day. Something tells me we'll be seeing more from Trapper in the future as the catcher has amazing skills.

For Hobbly, thrower Jorje farmer also ended the day with two completions, while thrower Paris the Sassy ended the day with one.

The Skullstompas' Vin Skullchucka earned MVP for his team, throwing the touchdown completion to Ratgnawer.


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