[D&D B/X] Kalmatta Campaign

My Character
Kiri - Human Female Cleric, Child, Immaculate Clothing, Tall

Swarmah - Human Fighter
Bergulf - Human Thief
El Juann - NPC Man at Arms (Swarmah)
Havae - NPC Man at Arms (Bergulf)
Soloff - NPC Torch bearer (Swarmah)

Newly arrived in town, the party of 3 went looking for hirelings. Swarmah and Bergulf were able to hire some brave men at arms and a torch bearer, but nobody was interested in hiring out to the female child cleric. Kiri pouted her way out of the inn and said she didn't want to hire anyone anyway.

After gathering rumors, the group decided to head north toward the hopes of buried pirate treasure. On the way, they decided to stop to explore a broken down tower just outside of town.

They traveled a path leading up to the tower, and found a broken cart with a body underneath. The body seemed to be made of wood and had it's chest cavity ripped open. Nearby were human remains. Kiri perfectly recited the burial prayer she had been taught by her church.

Whey they got to the tower, Bergulf was boosted onto a second story to look around. In a room to the right was a burnt out fire pit and four plant-made satchels. The satchels contained useful equipment, like plant-spun rope, so everyone grabbed one.

Another room contained a well and a set of spiral stairs heading down into the ground. Kiri looked down the well but didn't see anything even remotely interesting. She also offered to yell down the spiral stairs to see if anyone was below, but Bergulf stopped her. He cautiously checked the stairway instead.

At the bottom of the stairs was a square room with a sarcophagus on the floor, centered in the middle of the north wall. It had 4 pillars around it. The area around the sarcophagus looked like it had been rifled through, so the party took to investigating holes in the walls to the east and south of the room.

To the east, the hole opened to a tunnel leading to a tall embankment. The party boosted Swarmah up the embankment, and she was attacked by three small, skeletal beastmen with skeletal wings and scorpion tails. The rest of the party attacked, while Kiri fumbled out her wooden holy symbol and turned two of the creatures. Swarmah and friends destroyed the third one.

Feeling winded, the party returned to the worked sarcophagus room to rest. After resting, Kiri approached the sarcophagus reverently. Bergulf sneaked toward the sarcophagus from the other side of the room. Suddenly, two scything traps swung at the two explorers! Both dodged and made it to the side of the sarcophagus.

The sarcophagus had been rifled through by previous explorers. Kiri decided she wanted to close the lid, hoping the entombed body could return to its eternal rest. Swarmah helped her pull the lid closed.

When the lid was done closing, Swarmah heard some scuttling sounds coming from the east corridor, and the two skeletal beastmen attacked. Kiri was too frightened by one of the beastmen right up in her face, and she was unable to turn them again. Swarmah fought the creature by Kiri, and Kiri snuck up behind it and hit it with her warhammer. The skeleton crashed apart of the floor.

At the other end of the room, Bergulf and his hireling destroyed the other skeleton. The bones of the skeletons were collected for donation to the temple. Perhaps the temple could research them for the creation of wards or even antidotes to the creatures' poison.

Next the party explored the opening in the wall on the southern end of the room. This led to a large cavern, with an opening in the ceiling (the well?) and a pool of water underneath. There was the body of a thin, dead lizardman propped half in and half out of the pool.

Bergulf and his hireling searched the edges of the pool for glittering treasures, or anything else of use. Swarmah chopped off a meaty piece of the lizardman and dropped it into the depths of the pool as bait. Nothing nibbled at the meat, so Swarmah shed her armor and went diving for any interesting finds in the deep middle of the spring-fed pool.

Swarmah returned from the depths with a crude pouch. The pouch contained 5 silver-ish lumps of rock. Bergulf estimated the lumps were worth almost 5 gold each.

Lastly, the party re-explored the eastern cavern, hoping all the skeletal imps were dead. At the top of the embankment there was a tunnel heading further east. The tunnel ended in a cavern, roughly circular, with a pedestal on top of a dais. The top of the pedestal was a circular hollow, with glowing blue stones inside. Burgulf studied the dais and saw small hole in the stone from which anything sinister could shoot. He was certain the area was trapped.

Bergulf backed the party up, while he shot a crossbow bolt across the dais, looking to set off any traps. When that had no effect, he gathered up some sand to attempt to cover the holes. As an extra preventative measure, the party tied a rope around him should his actions fail and he needed immediate, unconscious retrieval.

His movement over the holes did set off a trap, and Bergulf inhaled some very old spores that came shooting up. He was pulled back by way of the rope while he was in the midst of a coughing fit. Kiri fervently cast her one spell of healing over him, and Bergulf was able to expectorate all the vile spores.

The group decided to write off the glowing blue stones for now and return to town.

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