Renegade Princeps Introspection 12

Here is some of the out-of-game chatter the players have been saying about their characters for the last couple sittings:

Starting with a question about the direction of Tankred's personality:

Me: Kind of Lawful Neutral. It's a distinct personality, so it works. Vaervenshyael needs to be more like that when it comes to dealing with humans. That leaves Wilhelm or Johann as our conscience. 
Tankred's Player: Roger nailed it really. I'm modeling Tankred a bit after the Expendables. Light hearted during his down time, enjoying his beer, and his work. But when it becomes time to fight, he is all business and is a sociopathic killing machine. I envision Tankred being more at home on the battlefield than anywhere else.
The Doctor's Player: Roger if you're relying on Johann or Wilhelm to be our conscience I think you'll find that it's quickly eroding. Poor Wilhelm may be incredibly enthusiastic and possibly the least morally ambiguous among us, but his mind is quickly and soundly being blasted by the horrors and cruelty of the world around him. And really, Johann is a losing bet when it comes to who will make the "morally sound" decision. Remember, he let the party get ambushed by beastmen just so he could get one of their heads, since he knew perfectly well that they inhabited those sulfur fields.
I mean, knowledge for knowledge's sake, while not malicious, is also not a safe path to follow in WFRP. In fact, it may be even MORE dangerous in a sense than seeking knowledge for power because of how wild and unrestrained Johann's pursuit is.

So to recap: We have an elf (no explanation needed), a sociopath, an unethical doctor, and a mad engineer. Like all parties in Warhammer Fantasy, we won't be measuring success by gold, or by good deeds. Soon we will be measuring it by our ability to survive, and I don't think a conscience has any place in our efforts.

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