[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps Interlude 8.5

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Protagonist

(Previous Notes)

Vaervenshyael sighs an almost rhetorical question, "Where in the Annwyn can one find a working powder weapon?" Bored with the rest of the conversation, Varevenshyael leaves the bar of Katherina's Rest.

A hand arrests her as she exits. The hand belongs to a nameless river fisherman with the breath of a stray cat. "I heard you. Looking for a powder weapon." The man pauses, looks at her feet, then stares into her eyes,"ask the Morrian to visit my drowned son's grave. You can have his pistols if they will kill Sulzer's men."

He turns to leave.

Before he can leave, Vaervenshyael steps close to him, "Pray, generous sir, what is your name?"

The man turns to her, his eyes suddenly alert and piercing blue, "Ask for Downhill."

He turns to leave again.

Dieter Braun, the peasant grave digger, stands up from the table where he was eating with the Watcher Weinrich, the priest of Morr. "Dieter will take you to the Downhill grave Fraulein elf. I ask that not forget Morr on the way out the door. He surely will remember you when you die, Elf, regardless."

Weinrich rubs his fingers together then returns to his stew.

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