Eveningstar 30 Introspection

In my last sitting, I learned that Gairloch (svirfneblin specialty priest of Grumbar) seemed of more use to the party as a buffer and a healer than as a fighter. Though he is well armored, there are others in the party who can take a hit better. Though he has a mean maul, there are others who do far more damage and attack more times per round.  However, the bonuses that Gairloch is able to give with a Recitation and a Prayer spells are nothing to scoff at. And when he is able to cast those spells on a gnome friend who is fighting giants...that is a huge bonus.

I think I'll stay away from the fighting (though it is fun when I have time to summon an earth elemental before battle). I'll continue to bolster, heal, cure, etc. When the time comes, I can always grab the maul and take a swipe or two, without worrying about dying the first time I'm hit.

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