Character Profile: Elder Abednego

Elder Abednego is a high priest of Solkan, the "Avenger" god of law. In his role, the Elder had been given almost elementalist-like control over fire. Solkan allows the Elder to purge his enemies with flame. A benefit of this power is that Elder Abednego is able to walk through flames unharmed.

Age: 44  Weight: 155 Height: 5'7" Sex: M Hair: Black Eyes: Brown  Alignment: Neutral

WFRP 1e Cleric Level 4 (Complete Career)

M 3 WS 43 BS 43 S 5 T 4 W 11 I 55 A 1 Dex 61 Ld 60 Int 68 Cl 67 WP 63 Fel 66 IP 4 FP 1

Skills: Arcane Language - Magick, Cast Spells - Cleric Level 1, Cast Spells - Cleric Level 2, Cast Spells - Cleric Level 3, Cast Spells - Cleric Level 4, Drive Cart, History, Identify Undead, Law, Magic Sense, Magical Awareness, Manufacture Potions, Manufacture Scrolls, Meditate, Public Speaking, Read/Write, Scroll Lore, Secret Language - Classical, Theology

Hand Weapons: Sword

Missile Weapons: None

Armor: None

Trappings: Clerical robes, Religious symbol, Religious tokens

Languages: Old Worlder, Arabyan, Tilean, Estalian

Constant Effect: Elemental Spell, Level 2 - Resist Fire

Spells: Magic Flame (P), Zone of Warmth (P), Fireball (BM1), Hammerhand (BM1), Animate Sword (BM3), Curse of Arrow Attraction (BM3), Hand of Fire (E1), Cause Fire (E2)

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