Game 1: The Burning Plague

When I ran this adventure at SnowCon 2014, it ended up pretty much a "march through and overpower everything" adventure. Which is odd, considering I had pregenerated the weakest characters I could find. There was no sneaking. I think they checked for traps once (after the set off a trap in the first cavern). They didn't think outside the "I hit it with my weapon/shoot it with my bow" box. I feel like it need to improve it. Hopefully my step-by-step revision will make it better. Maybe if I give them more of a character dossier than just a character sheet...

As an end-note, I do have to admit that this time through saw the most explosions than any other time I've run the game. I've had a mis-throw of a molotov cocktail in the past, but this time saw an exploding warpgun and an exploding barrel of lamp oil.


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