EarthDawn (4th ed.) Kickstarter

When I signed up to play EarthDawn at SnowCon 2014, I had no idea the guy running it was also in charge of the new edition, which is currently funding on Kickstarter

Josh Harrison was extremely enthusiastic about the game. He was a fan and heavily into the online community before becoming part of the development team. He's also from around these parts, which never ceases to amaze me.

 It had been a long time since I played, but Josh brought back the excitement I had playing years ago. Our game got a little silly*, but it really cemented us in the fantasy realm.

I'm now backing it at a level that will get me the paperback player's manual (even if he is planning on making it digest size). I gave him some of my opinions on Kickstarters (very unsolicited), but he seemed like he had everything under control. I wish him the best of luck for a GenCon 2014 release.

*Ask me about the bubble pipe and extensive underground bubble trades if you really want to know.


instantapathy said…
I was goign to back this, but the more I read the more tentative my support felt. I like ED, but I can't help but think the last thing it needs is /another/ really similar but just different enough to cause problems if you use two different books.
Plus the whole stretch goal via update and not planned out... and the costing structure (which is way to high)...
It's many times over it's funding so at this point, I'll likely just wait to see what gets put out.
Roger said…
I actually don't think that's a bad idea, considering it's already funded. Josh said they were going to use the funding over and above what they needed to get out other source books instead of doing future Kickstarters. We'll see how things go. I want it to work, so I supported it.

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