Thousand Suns: Five Stars

James Maliszewski of Grognardia has returned to science fiction, admittedly his main love, and released a sourcebook for his Thousand Suns RPG. This is good news for those of us who were concerned that James would be writing or releasing no more. 

I have a system I plan on using when I get around to playing sci-fi, but I'm going to give Thousand Suns a read-through since James was kind enough to provide me with a copy.  Who knows, it might draw me in...and not let go.

About Five Stars:

A Sector on the Frontier.
On the far reaches of the Thousand Suns lies the Marches sector of Kvin Steloj. Consisting of twenty worlds, the sector is home to the alien species known as the Chabuli, whose territories the expanding Terrans annexed by force. In the century since, Kvin Steloj has become a vital center of colonization, commerce, and exploration—much to the chagrin of the conquered Chabuli, some of whom think the time is ripe to reclaim their worlds by any means necessary.
A Sector on the Brink.
Thousand Suns: Five Stars is a 35-page sourcebook describing the Kvin Steloj sector and its twenty worlds, as well as the alien Chabuli. Also included is a scenario set on the Chabuli homeworld that can serve either as a self-contained adventure or as the starting point for an entire campaign within this frontier sector.

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