Christmas Loot 2013

I hope you had a very nerdy/geeky Christmas!

Wolverine Comics pack #35-#50
Jim Butcher: Wizard for Hire (Dresden Files 1-3)
Jim Butcher: Wizard by Trade (Dresden Files 4-5)
Jim Butcher: Wizard at Large (Dresden Files 6-7)
Jim Butcher: Wizard Under Fire (Dresden Files 8-9)
DC Comics Deck Building Game
12 canister shell fireworks
36 Granite speckled d6s
Citadel paints (White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Metal)
Captain America Pez dispenser
Star Wars Wood Coaster Set (4 pack)
Monty Python's Wafer Thin Mints
4 pack of special retro Garbage Pail Kids
StarWars Metal Earth Millennium Falcon 3D model
StarWars Mad Libs
Design socks (Hobbit feet, shark attack, sneakers, loafers)
Serenity schematic T-Shirt
Speakers (computer. Logitech z506)
Personalized pocket watch
StarWars Mace Windu light sabre

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