Sully: Post-Apocalyptic Informant

Most people ignore the disheveled man [pushing the shopping cart/driving the rusty old Ford/driving the rusty old landspeeder] filled with junk he seemingly picks up at random along his day. He has a reputation for being smelly and none too bright.

Those who know Sully, however, know that he is a treasure trove of hard to find parts and harder to find information. To those in the know, Sully can reach deep into his carrier and often pull out the part they are looking for. If not, he can have it for them the next time he is in their area.

Sully is a wanderer, constantly moving from settlement to settlement. He wears badges all over his patchwork coat. To the untrained eye, these badges merely seem to hold his coat together. To streetwise people, these badges are signs of personal protection given to him by every major gang/group around. He is also rumored to have magic that protects him from mutants/monsters. To the outsider, he's not worth attacking. To the knowledgeable, he's not worth daring to attack.

Besides parts, Sully makes a lot of money and has a lot of clout with the local gangs because of the information he possesses. He's always carrying a secret message from someone to someone else. However, he also seems to know things that can't be found in the most obscure journals or in the memories of the oldest apocalyptic survivors.

Sully is a contact that every group should endeavor to cultivate and none should dare to attack. Others have tried. Sully always comes out spotless and the people who attack him find themselves the target of every gang around.

Sully has average strength, constitution, and dexterity. His intelligence is high, and both his wisdom and charisma are above normal.

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