Orc Wearboar Shock Troops

Orc Wereboars are a specialized type of lycanthrope that the goblinoids have long been developing. Usually grouped in a troop of no less than 6, the shock troops are a self-contained fighting unit.

When arriving at a battle site, 1/2 of the troops will transform into an orc/boar hybrid form while the other 1/2 of the troop attacks with missile weapons. When the hybrid creatures are in melee range, the remaining members of the unit will change into hybrid form and join the attack.

Orc Wearboars follow all the other rules for Lycanthropes listed in the Basic DMG. Depending on surrounding fauna, they may ride large war-boars into battle, but they inevitably dismount once changing to their hybrid form due to the berserker rage that overtakes them.

Orc Wearboars have been bred to possess the best characteristics from either form when in hybrid form.

D&D Basic Stats:

AC: 4
HD: 4+1
(THAC0: 15*)
Move: 150’
Attacks: 1 tusk/bite
Damage: 2d6
No. Appearing: 6+
Save As: F:4
Morale: 18*
Treasure Type: P
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 200

WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay Stats:

M-7, WS-43*, BS-25, S-5*, T-4, W-11, I-30, A-1, Dex-29, Ld-10, Int-24, Cl-14, WP-29, Fel-14
*Berserking stats included


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