On The Ropes

GM idea From Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Keep the players on the ropes for extended periods.

Keep on the Borderlands was fun. The players had the Caves of Chaos to explore. They could poke their noses down any cave they chose and adventure until they felt like they were done for the day. They would either run out of spells or run out of supplies and head back to town. Sometimes the adventures in the caves only lasted a half-hour, game time, before heading back to the keep. This is a good introduction, but experienced players can handle more of a challenge.

From what I’ve seen in the Sarah Connor Chronicles (and maybe all the Terminator movies, I don’t remember) is that the party gets beat up by the terminator, somehow manages to escape, and then the terminator catches up again before the party is fully healed. The party starts each encounter with fewer resources, whether they are bullets, escape vehicles, or hit points (if you will). If the show was a game, the players wouldn’t always have a chance to re-memorize their spells before the terminator is upon them again. They might not have a chance to eat. Sometimes they wouldn’t have a chance to sleep, or their sleep would be interrupted. This can wear down the nerves of even the most stoic.

All this could add an interesting aspect to your game.

Shake things up a bit. See how your players manage.

Have fun


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