Magic Item: Staff of the Stinging Sphere

(Created for WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay, first edition. D&D 2e equivalents are in parentheses.)

Once per day this staff can summon a swarm of wasps, which will surround the wielder in an enclosed sphere for 10 turns (10 minutes). No creature can see into or out of the sphere. Sharp missile weapons such as arrows and spears attack at a -20 BS penalty (D&D: -4 to hit). Blunt missile weapons will be absorbed by the living wall of wasps. Any creature within melee distance will be attacked by a contingent of wasps which break off from the sphere. Treat this contingent as a Swarm, although it is not subject to stupidity. Treat the wasp swarm as if they were flying ants on page 246 of the WFRP book (D&D: Use an equivalent swarm of flying insects).

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