A is for Aevsen

Aevsen Aamaar'luthe is a C/G Grey Elf thief. He is a male of 121 years when he begins his adventuring career. His hair is silver and his eyes are amber. His height is 5'5" and he weighs 100 lbs.

Here is what he has written as his background:

My parents were Grey Elves who, even before they were married, each took up the opinion that their subrace had lost the elfish love of life. Once married, they decided they should set out from their Grey Elf domain to try to regain some of what their subrace had lost.

My parents left with the blessing of the community that seemed to think it was just a phase that would pass and told them to keep their eyes out for lost knowledge on their travels. They went through many adventures, none of which were particularly life-threatening, but all of which helped them regain some of the lost vigor for life. They eventually settled down for a pastoral life in their later years.

Ceiloar, my father, befriended our human neighbor when I was about 91, though it went against all he had ever been taught growing up. It seems our kind, the Grey Elves, frowns upon relations with humans. The men went fishing and hunting and ended up creating a tight bond between our families, regardless of the fact we were of separate races. This man, when I was about 101, had a son named Christopher M Cauthon.

Cephair, my mother, was forced to take up the friendship of Mistress Cauthon, though in truth neither woman was dismayed by that fact and, left to their own exploits, stood a good chance of befriending each other had my father and Master Cauthon never set eyes on each other. Mistress Cauthon had a lust for life that my mother could not help envying. The only thing negative my mother ever said about that fact was that Mistress Cauthon always tried to fit too much into a single day, which led to less of an overall appreciation for each individual activity because, despite the enthusiasm, the activity was rushed. However, Mistress Cauthon shared her lust for life with my mother, and my mother taught Mistress Cauthon how to truly appreciate each activity and the two became inseparable friends.

So it was that when I was at age 101, still an adolescent mind you, that Christopher Cauthon was born into the world. I had been living my parents own version of the Grey Elf lifestyle that included their refound vigor for life that my cousins in the mountains seem to have left behind. Though I was taught to be proud of who I was, I was not over haughty toward humans seeing how some of the race were our best friends. Also it is quite difficult to become too insolent when a human, Mistress Cauthon, following my parents example treated me as an adolescent. 91 years of age or not, trying to sneak away a piece of Mistress Cauthon's pie while it was cooling on the sill brought boxed ears.

With a beginning sneaking off pies from a neighbor's window, I slowly gained the tendency to take from humans' things that they valued (never from the Cauthon's mind you, the friendship they had with our family, they may as well have been elves and no elf would steal something from another). I grew to the opinion that humans valued their possessions too much and, with my unseen help of course, they could be brought to appreciate other facets of life if their material possessions were not there to distract them. My thievery is not from greed, mind you. I do tend to give all that I take away, with the exception of items I find particularly useful and enough gold to sustain me in my exploits. I have given many "highly valuable" items to people who would appreciate their uses rather than their monetary worth. However, these days, the skills I have picked up through the years come in handy when Christopher makes use of my assistance for a prank or an adventure.

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