Elven Knights

The world is changing. The time of the elves has come and gone. They are no longer the dominant race in the world. They are not safe. They are not even always liked. They have retreated from the limelight, heading back to their mystical forests and enchanted islands. However, the elves realize they can't disconnect from the world fully. They need to maintain a presence, and they need to have allies.

Thus begins the motivation for elven knights. There are independent elves who decide to leave the confines of elven society to join in the world at large. They may be spellcasters who wish to broaden the scope of their knowledge, or show off their power. They may be rogues who find human society and the like as easy pickings. However, when the elven kingdoms send emissaries from their lands to the lands of men, it is usually in the form of and elven knight.

The elves wish to keep their reputation as honorable, trustworthy allies who are proponents of good. They send emissaries who epitomize the traits that human civilization holds dear to. And thereby, the elves hope to keep allies for times of need.

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