February 12th, 2010: Wolfenburg Warherd at Grunge's Goons

Welcome again, sports fans! Today saw the Chaos team, the Wolfenburg Warherd, take on the dwarves, Grunge’s Goons. Amazingly, 26,000 fans showed up to watch this match between two new team in the league. As with everywhere else in the Old World, the beastmen in the stands seemed to outnumber the dwarves.

There was a blizzard here today. I am getting thoroughly sick of working in the cold snow. The only thing that kept me warm was the high level of violence in today’s game. There weren’t many notable plays, but both teams spent a fair amount of time on the ground. As a matter of fact, the Warherd ended the game with only one player on his…uhh…her…uhh…its feet…uhh…hoofs.

Here were today’s highlights:

First Half

Upon opening kickoff, someone threw a rock from the stands and hit the Goons’ Blitzer Doknox. The dwarf spent the next two turns wandering the board aimlessly.

Turn 4: Fang (Warherd) got a casualty on George Blitzer (Goons), sending him off the pitch for the rest of the game. For a moment it seemed as if the blow was deadly, but the dwarven apothecary worked frantically until George awoke.

Turn 6: After stripping the ball from dwarven hands, Chaos Warrior WarMaster Damon scored a TD.

Second Half

Turn 3: Kram “Troll Killer”, Dwarven Troll Slayer, got a casualty on WarMaster Damon. Again, it seemed a deadly blow, but the Chaos apothecary performed some demented ritual bringing Damon back to life.

Turn 5: Llud “Pythons” Smith, Dwarven Blocker, got a casualty on Talon the Beastman. Talon was out for the rest of the game.

The dwarves were slow to warm up, not really looking like a practiced team until after halftime. Once they started, though, they were almost unstoppable.

Until next time, hopefully in a much warmer climate, this is Johann the Madd reporting.


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