[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 9

Wilfried - Fence
Martin - Scout
Othmar - Charlatan
Larry - Bodyguard
Wilhelm - Trader

(Previous Sitting)

More Investigation!

The party continued to run all around the backward village of Bogenhafen trying to find any information on the nefarious goings-on. Below is an abbreviated list of their stops.

1) Merchant Guild to visit Friedrich Magirius. He thought the party's topic of conversation too diabolical for the guild and invited them to dinner at the Golden Trout Club. Completely paranoid, the party followed him (he didn’t go anywhere else or bring anyone with him). They also scouted the Club (nobody suspicious came or went or set up shop nearby) and sent word back to their ship of their intended whereabouts for the night, should they go missing.

2) By the way, Morrslieb, the Chaos Moon, was unexpectedly full and taunting the party!

3) Martin buggered off to visit a Fortune Teller in media res.

4) Golden Trout Club. Magirius told the party about a secret town society called the Ordo Septinarius. The Ordo is made up of people from all the merchant guilds, and they secretly do good throughout the town. Magirius sincerely denied any nefarious undertakings by this secret society.

5) The Chaos Moon scared the party into visiting the Church of Verena. They spoke to priestess Gretta Harbokka. She tells them the Teugen are the “fake nobles of the town.” She referred the party to the Mourners’ Guild to see exactly how long dead beggars have been turning up without vital organs. She was also researching the green, laughing moon and connected it to “The Great Mutator.” Finally, she referred the party to the Magistrate, whom she felt was an honest man.

6) A Madman in the town square told Othmar he “has the mark!” And “beware the man who is not a man!”

7) Mourners’ Guild. The beggar deaths started 2 years ago. Only paupers and beggars have thus far been found without vital organs…mostly sans hearts. The previous head of House Teugen, Carl, died with a large purple tongue and bulging eyes. The Mourners' Guild referred the party to the master of the Physicians’Guild: Reinhold

8) Physicians’ Guild. Reinhold had only seen Carl’s symptoms one other time in his life…today on the Magistrate! Can the party, in conjunction with the Physicians' Guild, work fast enough to save the life of the poor Magistrate? Doubtful! Shall they try really hard? Yes!


House Teugen: Symbol - Red cross or flower

  • New head of house in the last couple years (Johann). 
  • Johann came home from University to take over for dying brother, Carl.
  • Carl died a shortly after Johann returned home.
  • House was previously in decline, until Johnan returned to take over. 
  • Dead dwarf last seen with servant of this house.

House Steinhager: Symbol - Barrel with “S”

  • Directly above Temple.
  • Has mining contract with dwarves.
  • Owns warehouse #4


  • Mathusius
  • Thieves’ Guild, specifically Franz
  • Magirius
  • Gretta at church of Verena


  • City Clerk. Threatened too much?
  • Magistrate. Works for Teugen? Unlikely at this point
  • Ordo Septinarius
  • Demon in sewer Temple


  • Dock worker at warehouse 4 (bring him spirits)

City Temples Proper:

  • Bogenhauer: Only exists in this area. Suspicious?
  • Verena
  • Shallya: Receives aid from Ordo Septinarius. May be unwitting pawns.
  • Morr and Mourners’ Guild (Morrners' Guild?)

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