Thoughts on The Midderlands

I didn't take chapter-specific notes like I often do for adventures. This book is a setting. It explains the conceit, the region, rivers, villages, and towns. The conceit is essentially warpstone (see Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) that has landed in the area, leaving creatures warped and the atmosphere green. There is an extensive bestiary of queer, unique creatures. There are a few magical items, and there is an adventure in the back.

The adventure doesn't seem to fit the setting very well, almost like it was generically written and just plopped into the back of the book. I stopped reading early on in the adventure when it didn't particularly seem to fit the Midderlands. There may be some specifics in the middle or end that shoehorn the setting in.

In all, I'd definitely give the setting a try. I wouldn't necessarily want to run it at this point, but I would really be interested in some fiction from this setting.

And the game could grow on me, since I have the second book, The Midderlands Expanded, in my pile yet to read.

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