[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 2

Wilfried Neumann - One eyed Bawd

Last time we eradicated some beastmen who were in the middle of the Altdorf road. Said beastmen had just raided a Four Seasons coach and were feasting on bodies. Well, now we were standing over the bodies when the Road Wardens arrived. Luckily they didn't try to implicate us of anything.

We piled all the dead bodies into the Four Seasons coach. We took our coach and any healthy horses we could find to continue south.

The party stopped for the night in the Inn of the Seven Spokes. There we met a peasant woman who was trying to get us to go 10 miles out of our way to look for some lost children. She offered 30 gold to each of us, though she didn't have the money herself. She stated we would be rewarded by the Baron of the town. It seemed a risky business, going 10 miles out of our way for the promise of someone else's coin, but enough party members thought it was worth checking out. We set off in the morning to the west.

Regeansdorf. Population: Rapidly decreasing. The trail was a muddy woodland path. It was windy and drizzling and altogether uncomfortable. A few miles outside of town, we passed two bodies hanging on the roadside. How very welcoming.

We checked into the tavern. Larry and Talbberry (our resident halfling) saw someone suspicious and chased him outside. I think everyone in this peasant hamlet looks suspicious, but whatever. The guy they chased down was not exactly the right hand of the Burgomeister...he was more like the left toe. But he was able to tell us where the Baron was. We went to visit him.

The Baron welcomed those who could look into his town's problems, since he couldn't spare the resources. He invited us back for dinner later so he could lay everything out for us. We decided not to wait.

We began researching the town. Apparently, beside the Baron's estate, the other focus of the town was a temple to Taal. It was a two storey building with no roof. Inside were shrines to all the gods of the Empire...except Sigmar. Now that doesn't sound ominous.... The temple was very well tended. It was a devout town. 

Also of note, multiple people in town were smitten by a barmaid, Emmanuelle. This included one of our own number (Othmar, maybe). 

Lastly, the missing children of the town were taken by bogeymen. Someone thought it may be wolves, but we were assured it was bogeymen. And they might work for the Baron. Or was it the Burgomeister? 

I didn't think the town was big enough for a Baron and a Burgomeister, but what do I know? All I knew is I thought we should leave and get to Altdorf ASAP; I didn't like the feel of things in this town. However, outside of my hometown, nobody ever listens to me.

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