Thoughts On Nefertiti Overdrive

I had this RPG I kickstarted on my mind lately. I read this via PDF.  Here we go! *Spoilers below*

  • Opposed rolls: Not a fan. Sorry to be such a downer from so early on. Let’s keep reading to see if they play out like I fear.
  • Great art.
  • Tests and opposed rolls almost seem to be Marvel Heroic Roleplay or Firefly RPG-like (I'll just call that Cortex).
  • P27. The rules are very much like my Firefly RPG experience so far.
  • P47. The previous section explains the philosophy behind the game: why it was written as it was, advice from the author on how to play, and examples of play. I find this section helpful, as it explains the mindset behind the game. It explains reactions from years of D&D and how they shape the game. I agree that ideas from this game could easily be applied to other RPGs if players seized the opportunity to do so.
  • Building Campaigns and Adventures Using the building blocks of the character sheet, how to build adventures that tie in all the characters to make sure everyone is involved. There is talk on improv GMing (which I suck at). And then a sample adventure, which I’m excited to read next.
  • The Adventure This is a game I would want to play before running. With that in mind, I would sign up to play this adventure at a convention. Rescue the Priestess, return the stolen MacGuffin (or do you?). With possibility for continuation on into a campaign.
  • After the adventure and the character sheets is a section on nemeses for the main character “builds” (my word). I find this highly inspiring, as many new groups will probably use the pregenerated characters.
  • Next are three extensive outlines of follow-up adventures to the intro adventure. So, with minimal brainstorming from the GM, there are 4 adventures in this book (there’s also an adventure in the QuickStart, which is free at DriveThruRPG.)
  • The last section of the book is about making an adventure via bidding out the adventure themes to the players. I, in general, greatly dislike anything to do with bidding, so I scanned most of this section.
  • After, there is an “Appendix N” (my term) and recreations of the maps and character sheets.
  • I am officially done. I stand by my opinion that I would like to play this game with an experienced Cortex GM and not run it myself.

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