[D&D B/X] Kalmatta Campaign 2

My Character
Kiri - Human Female Cleric, Child, Immaculate Clothing, Tall

Evelynn - Human Fighter
Tomas - Human Thief (Took on the role of my grandfather)
Benton Reed III (of the Kellsburg Reeds) - Human Magic User
Remegorn - Dwarf
Orun - NPC Dwarf Henchman to Remegorn
Kolwood - NPC Man-at-Arms to Evelynn

There are many rumors going around the town of Sindanore. The five of us gathered together in response to a rumor about a missing artist by the name of Rumen Maer. It seemed the lord of Sindanore, Lord Ludo, himself was interested in this artist's retrieval. He reportedly went missing in the Obsidian Mounds, a burial place of sorts deep into the jungle. Other rumors of the mounds suggested we would have to brave obsidian constructs, a fleshy cube, and beast men. It turns out these are all very real worries when traveling to the Obsidian Mounds.

We had to tromp through the forest for many hours, and there were other things to catch our attention, but we held to our course and arrived at the Obsidian Mounds. They spring up out of the floor of the jungle large and pervasive. It takes a few minutes, climbing up loose footing, to reach the top of any given mound. The first mound we climbed showed no signs of recent exploration. There was a place where part of the top of the mound had collapsed and we had the opportunity to explore the hole, but we kept to our goal of finding the artist. If he hadn't been here recently, we didn't need to spend time exploring right now.

The next mound we climbed was in the hopes of being able to get a better lay of the land in general. Remegorn said he was aware of a few landmarks in the area, and we wanted to be able to get some bearings. It was overcast and drizzling, but when the clouds broke for a bit, I could see a giant fleshy cube in the distance. This thing was ridiculously large! Like at least the size of one of these large mounds.

Knowing where to go, we descended the mound and headed toward the fleshy monstrosity. When we got there, we could see it was at least 100 feet long. It had strange tentacles that reached out of it into the surrounding forest. One of the longest ones pulsed and retracted and looked like it would just snatch anyone who wandered too close! In the middle of the side of the fleshy cube, we saw an oblong fissure-type opening. Nobody thought the artist would dare go inside, so we skirted along the forest far from the reaching tentacles.

Beyond we heard some braying. Since the beast men were said to look like goats, we stopped and sent grandfather ahead to scout things out. It was dangerous, but the rest of us were loud in our heavy armor, and Benton was loud just because he was awkward.

Anyway, grandfather returned saying there were 5 goat-men around a cave entrance at the base of a mound. In their goat-ish language, he distinctly heard them say something about "the artist." Benton said he could put some of them to sleep, so he went back up the trail with grandfather. He ran back a moment later saying they were all asleep! We all rushed toward the mound and the temple opening.

The goat-men were all dead when we got to the scene, but grandfather said there were more at the top of the mound. He and I headed up the mound while the others watched the shrine entrance for signs of more goat-men.

A couple minutes up the side of the mound, and we heard some more goat-men noises coming from below. We started scrambling back down the mound to see if our comrades needed help!

When we got there, we were told that one of the beasts had fled and that Benton had shot another one through the head with his magic! Grandfather moved into the cave, found Rumen wounded and confused, and brought him out to us. He thought there may be others following, so we quickly but cautiously started going back the way we came. I don't know how many goat men were left, but we got out of the jungle without any problems.

Rumen was bleeding from a wound to his left arm, so I healed him on the way back. We were able to present him to Lord Ludo safe and sound! The lord was very thankful and gracious.

So far I have found this place to be extremely exciting and full of great learning opportunities. I have made friends, and I've been able to utilize my clerical gifts. I look forward to my next adventure in Kalmatta!

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