Thoughts on Quest for the Heartstone

First thought: Was this just written to sell D&D toys? *Spoilers Follow*

Mists of the Northern Marsh This section is the wilderness adventure to get you to the mountain. There is a road...which apparently houses all manner of creatures inimical How do all these creatures get set up right on the road? Why doesn't the road go around them? How come every time you see a bridge, you know trouble isn't far behind? You know what D&D needs? Roadwardens.

Perils of the Icewater Falls This section is a series of caves on a mountain, maybe like the Caves of Chaos in Keep on the Borderlands. Each cave holds a number of tough creatures the author wants to show off. In reality, these creatures would not live so close together. Some of the caves lead deeper into the adventure.....

Tunnels of Death Now this is more like it! Tunnels, traps, and few monsters each with their own areas that wouldn't interact much with the other monsters. Only a couple DM fiat/screw you, players areas.

Frost Giants' Lair An interesting trek through the abode of 4 guardian frost giants.

The Wizard's Home Here's my question, how to module writers expect wizards to get spells off? The adventure is suggested for 6-8 5th (or better) level characters. There are going to be enough ranged and melee combatants in the battle to disrupt any spells. He might get 1 off before the onslaught begins.

Home of the Heartstone If the characters make it past all the deadly traps, they have quite a surprise at the end. Retrieving the stone is both easier and harder than imagined. I guess it is just unexpected, with quite a bit of designer fiat. Best of luck, brave souls!

Other Thoughts: The map numbers are bit away from the area they describe. That could throw off inexperienced DMs.

Adding Henchmen and Hirelings
  1. Guide.
  2. Ferrier's Apprentice. Could also second as animal handler when not shoeing. (If all horses are lost [via griffons] the boy can insinuate his services are no longer needed as such...but he needs help to get home....)
  3. Cook's Apprentice. Would keep you fed, searches for herbs and mushrooms when riding.
  4. Manservant. Would help don and doff armor and keep it polished along the adventure.
  5. Hunter. Would keep the Cook busy, party well fed.

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