Cat Summoning Tables

As a follow up to my Cat Summoner idea, I compiled this list from the various AD&D 2e Monstrous Manual and Compendiums (Compendia?). "Normal" cats would stick more to the spirit of the idea, but I also included optional monsters with cat parts. The list goes up to level 13, but the Monster Summoning spells only go to level 7, so that's where I stopped. To give you a taste of the rest, the only monster I listed at Level 13 is a Render. I, personally, would consider summoning a Render to either be a final act of life-or-death desperation or an act of Chaotic Evil. Enjoy!

Monster Summoning 1 (Level 3 Spell)
Level 1
Cat, Crypt : Normal (Compendium 2)
Cat, Small: Domestic
Cat, Small: Wild
Cat, Winged: Lesser (Compendium 1)
(Optional) Tiger Squirrel

Monster Summoning 2 (Level 4 Spell)
Level 2
Cat, Great: Giant Lynx
Cat, Winged: Tressym (Compendium 1)
(Optional) Feystag (Compendium 1)
(Optional) Tabaxi

Monster Summoning 3 (Level 5 Spell)
Level 3
Cat, Great: Cheetah
Cat, Great: Leopard
Cat, Great: Mountain Lion
Cat, Small: Elven

Monster Summoning 4 (Level 6 Spell)
Level 4
Cat, Crypt: Large (Compendium 2)
Cat, Great: Cath Shee (Compendium 2)
Cat, Great: Jaguar

Monster Summoning 5 (Level 7 Spell)
Level 5
Cat, Great: Lion
Cat, Great: Wild Tiger
Cat, Winged: Greater (Compendium 1)
(Optional) Lyncathrope: Werejaguar (Compendium 1)
(Optional) Lycanthrope: Werepanther (Compendium 2)
(Optional) Wemic

Monster Summoning 6 (Level 8 Spell)
Level 6
Cat, Great: Snow Tiger (Compendium 3)
Cat, Great: Spotted Lion
(Optional) Displacer Beast
(Optional) Lycanthrope: Weretiger
(Optional) Manticore

Monster Summoning 7 (Level 9 Spell)
Level 7
Cat, Great: Smilodon
(Optional) Griffon

(Optional) Lammasu: Lesser


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