[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 42

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/???
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician
Van Duster - Mercenary NPC
Imeltrud - Knight, liason to Mathilda NPC
Gertie - Knight, liason to Mathilda NPC

(Previous Notes)

Kaldezeit 13th: Chilly. Fires lit around Barak Varr. Less than 1 week until the 1st day of winter.

Vaervenshyael engages in a conversation with the head of the Cult of the Practicing Owl (Verena). The conversation is in regards to her party accepting the mission from the priest. The priest states the mission is of utmost secrecy. Vaervenshyael tells him in no uncertain terms that half of the party can not be depended on for secrecy. His wish is for her to bring the rest of the party to the temple so he can impart the dire need for secrecy.

Kaldezeit 14th.

The entire party heads to the temple. After a talk with Doctor Woeller, Vaervenshyael is not so sure she should blindly trust the Priest. She discreetly scouts out the meeting area and finds that all is secure.

The priest led the party to the rear of the temple, down a spiral staircase, and into a cavernous room. He reported that members of the Cult of Ormazd crashed through one of the walls in this room looking to escape from something. He sent 3 Verenans, at various times, through this new corridor, and none of them have returned. The party decided they needed to equip before heading into the tunnels.

In the tunnels, Doctor Woeller and Vaervenshyael initiate a conversation about the Verenan's loyalties. To whom does the cult answer? To Empire Verenans? To Emporer Karl Franz? To the dwarves of Barak Varr?

Van Duster finds a secret door at the end of the tunnel. He pulls it open to reveal a room in a basement with a black sphere spinning in the middle of the room. In Eltharin, the disc speaks, "Please state your query." A number of queries are spoken in Reikspiel to no avail. In Eltharin, Vaervenshyael asks the disc, "Where is the item we seek?" Amazingly the disc answers.

"Beyond this door, across the bridge, down, down, down, beyond the pool, in the castle, guarded by the horseman and his love."

Beyond the door the party found a hallway which continued beyond the line of sight. There were doors on the right and left, within view. On the left was a room with a severed, but still moving, large cat head hanging from a rope and hook. (It was about as strange as it sounds). Finding nothing worth entering the room for, the party shut the door.

Beyond the door on the right came the sound of clanking chains and female voices speaking quietly. The door was opened to find 3 women sitting around a stone slab, drinking. One woman had very white teeth when she smiled, and seemed very happy to see the party.

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