[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 17

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Duellist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Veteran
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Engineer
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

The Princeps and the Master of the Horse requested that the party aid an associate, Helmut the Ranaldian by name, acquire the body of the dead Sigmarite priest from the Sigmarite temple so the priest of Morr might ask the body some questions. Vaervenshyael did not pay close attention to the details of speaking with a dead body, but Johann seemed most enthralled.

The plan included Tankred taking his men to the front of the Sigmarite temple for a distraction. Vaervenshyael and Johann were to guard the back door while Helmut and his men went inside to take the body. They were charged with making sure nobody saw which way the body went when it came out the back. Wilhelm was positioned on a nearby roof, providing cover with a crossbow.

After the Ranaldians left with the body, Vaervenshyael moved to shut the back door. As she did, she made eye contact with one of the priests inside the temple. An alarm was raised.

Russmann came around from the front of the temple and started spitting hateful words at Vaervenshyael. She drew her weapons and waited, happy to stall until Helmut and his team got away with the body...until the priest began casting spells.

She could see no discernible effect after his first spell, so she continued to wait. He cast his second spell, with a murderous l look in his eyes. There was no effect against the elf. She sneered and told the priest that his god did not approve of his attacks on the elf. She then ran him straight through the chest with her rapier.

Tankred joined in the fight at that point, though Vaervenshyael had already struck a deadly blow. When Tankred beat the priest to the ground, Johann ran up to try to treat Russmann's wounds. Vaervenshyael would have none of it, and she sliced Russmann's leg open along the femoral artery. The priest died a lowly death, separated from the will of Sigmar.

Johann became furious and called Vaervenshyael an idiot for killing the Sigmarite priest who had recently roused the crowd behind his cause. Vaervenshyael, taking that kind of insult from nobody, punched the physician in the mouth. His following grumblings were all but unintelligible from a fattened lip.

Helmut took the old priest's body to Morr's Garden. The rest of the party followed.

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