Star Wars RPG 3

We find our heroes after a difficult raid against a secret imperial installation.

As rebel commanders realize that military style raids are not this group's forte, a new plan is devised. Upgrades were made to the Golden Goose, seed money handed over, and a new unrelated base of operations on Tatooine provided. After the creation of new IDs, the party set out to establish themselves in their new business, salvage and repair. 

The crew of the Golden Goose investigated the town house that had been provided to them and decided to explore a former rebel base in the Jundland wastes that had been destroyed. After a little difficulty finding the front door, the former base was explored. While the womp rats weren't happy about guests, the resident Krayt dragon was even less so, having been rudely awoken from it's slumber by a grenade inserted into it's nostril. Two pearls were retrieved from the innards of the dragon, their value yet to be determined. 

A tatooine business license was purchased from the local government, a claim laid and registered for the area of the former rebel base, and Krayt Dragon Towing, Salvage, and Repair was created. An encounter with an odd older man teaching children to meditate led our former stormtrooper to plan on seeking him out again. 

And finally, a distress call from R4-D9 onboard the Golden Goose brought our heroes back from town only to find a group of Jawas crawling over the Goose. A deal was struck for a Treadwell droid and a power droid that the Jawas owned, putting the finishing touches on Tatooine's newest business.


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