[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 20

Mordrin Skorkinson, Giant Slayer.

My companions:
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard Apprentice
Gustav Jaeger - Human Priest of Verena
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Ehrwig Hofstetter - Imperial Knight (Griffin?/Panther?) of Sigmar

From Mordrin's point of view:

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Play by Post:

Mordin asked the Dwarfs of Helmgart about taking over the job of clearing the pass...or finding another worthy clan to do it. He wanted to get this responsibility off his shoulders as soon as possible so he could go about his own business. He wasn't really paying attention to the manling's (the Markgraf) ramblings before he agreed to this charge.

On hearing that there was an offer on the table to organize the flood of dwarves seeking riches or rescue in the pass or mountain holds, several dwarves left the room. They soon returned with a wizened dwarf dressed in the finest of tailoring for dwarves. Mordrin immediately recognized this dwarf as Baragor Yorrisson of Clan Dronaz ("Thunderaxe"). He was a de facto emissary of Thungni to Helmgart and the Empire. He at one time had a major trading post in Helmgart, but retired to the mountains.

Baragor was introduced, and immediately told Mordrin that his arrival and news of the Markgraf's extension of assistance is welcome and that Mordrin could expect him to organize the flood of dwarves coming into Helmgart. As a matter of fact, because he was the de facto emissary, he would consider it an insult to his honor if he was not given the position. His years of trading and negotiating between the dwarves and the Empire should not be taken for granted by these short-term memory humans.

Mordrin was glad to get that responsibility off his shoulders. His shoulders are mighty, but for the slaying of chaos, not managing politics.
At the table:

Mordrin returned from his night in the dwarf quarter of the city and told Udrin the tidings that came from Granny Ella regarding the history of Groz Zorn and the existence of many chaos orbs. These seemed like the little bits and bobs of information that kept his Remembrancer happy when there were no beasts around to vanquish. He also brought Baragor the dwarf with him to reintroduce to the Markgraf.

At the Markgraf's estate, Mordrin met a newly arrived Imperial knight. At first Mordrin though the Brettonian knight had returned from his desertion. It turned out, however, this knight was a different human in a bulky suit of armor...one that spoke the smooth talk of a courtly human, not the drunken lecherings of the previous knight. Mordrin didn't let his disappointment show. The return of one who had battled side-by-side with Mordrin against deadly foes would have been more welcome.

At dinner, brigands managed to slip into the dining room. One, with an eye patch, came with Gustav and Sis. Perdita. Another slipped from the shadows behind the Markgraf, holding a rapier at his back. The one with the rapier insisted we listen to the other's demands. Mordrin was content to sit back and listen to what the manlings had to say, but the others in the party were not so patient.

The new Knight arose from his chair to charge the man behind the Markgraf...a witless bawd who had somehow managed to drop his sword at the most inopportune time. Mordrin looked to over to where Gustav and the other stranger stood, to find that they were engaged in melee combat. Ludovic had taken Sis. Perdita to safely, so Mordrin stood and charged the man who dared strike at his comrade. Mostly he charged because the priest was useless in a fight, and Mordrin didn't want to see him killed in the Markgraf's dining room.

Mordrin punched the interloper 3 times with his new gauntlet, and the man amazingly held his feet. Gustav's final clumsy swing with his sword chopped the man's arm off. The fight was over before it got good.  Mordrin returned to his seat, congratulating Ludovic on a job well done in protecting the priestess.

The dinner party retired to the parlor, where the Markgraf shared his plans for big festivities that he wanted to party to show up at. Udrin agreed on their behalf and informed the Markgraf of the party's plans to return to Groz Zorn before heading out the West Gate to see what has befallen the Brettonian side of the pass. Also, we understood that the Entertainer was seeking a change of lifestyle and would likely accompany us on this journey.

The Markgraf offered the party the services of the recently arrived knight, Ehrwig Hofstetter. Udrin made sure the knight knew what he was getting into, and went on to explain the party's dire adventures to the recruit. Mordrin listened in silence as every foe Udrin mentioned was a reminder of how the slayer had failed to find his heroic doom.

Mordrin didn't care if the human came, as long as he agreed to stay out of the way.

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