Magic Item: Spear of Repelling

Respinge is a magical spear made for use against charging opponents. There are no plusses to the weapon, but the magic is sufficient to hit any creature requiring a magical weapon to hit. It is made up of a steel head mounted to a strong wooden shaft.

If an opponent charges the wielder of the spear, and the spear hits the opponent in the same round, then the charging opponent is knocked back the same number of feet/yards/squares and in the same direction from which they charged.

If the spear wielder charges an opponent and hits, then the opponent is knocked back the distance that the wielder charged. The direction of the knock-back is on a continuous line from the charge of the attacker.

Damage is rolled as normal for the weapon type. The knock-back magic kicks in after damage is done.

It is up to the GM if the opponent has a chance to stumble and/or fall.  For simplicity’s sake, stumbles and falls were not assumed in the creation of the item.


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