February 272th, 2010: Wolfenburg Warherd at Black Pass Skullstompas

Welcome sports fans! Today saw the Chaos team, the Wolfenburg Warherd, take on the Black Pass Skullstompas, one of two orc teams in the league currently. 27,000 fans showed up to watch this match.

The weather was perfect for the opening game of the new stadium, and the game was exciting…at least after the first half was over.

Here were today’s highlights:

First Half

Turn 5: Beastlord Rend scored a TD!

Second Half

Turn 2: Khurr Hamfist got a casualty on Fang. The beastman missed the rest of the game.

Turn 3: Skullobber Frauk threw a completion to Ghorn Horseraper.

Turn 4: Trunk 2-eyes killed the beastman Razr!

Turn 6: Ghorn Horseraper scored a TD!

The final kickoff of the second half ended the game in a riot!


Turn 2: Grukk 2-kays got a casualty on Mudd. The beastman missed the rest of the game.

Turn 2: Khee-runch scored a TD, giving the orcs the win!

Until next time, this is Johann the Madd reporting.

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