Snow-Conundrum Resolved

I had previously expressed somewhat of a conundrum I was in regarding which version of WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay to run at the upcoming gaming convention. This question has been resolved by my gaming group, the d5.

For my birthday, the group got together, pooled their Wayne-like resources together, and bought me the newest edition of WarHammer. This is the same edition that I ranted about before on here. However, I figured this would give me an honest chance to get to know the game, play it with the group in preparation, and run it at the convention. Then, and only then, should I have an honest opinion of the game itself. I have to this point been running on the opinion that WH3e would be a waste of my time due to the large amount of homemade material I have for WH1e.

We shall see. I will be man enough to give an honest report when the time comes.


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