Magic Item: Poison Dagger and Sheath

My third PC is going to be a rogue. I had some trouble thinking up a unique magical item for this character; one that would increase in power as the PC went up in levels. This is what I settled on.

I fully expect that a rogue will choose either a dagger or a short sword as one of their weapons. This dagger/short sword will come paired with a magical sheath. When the character pulls the weapon from the sheath, it will be magically coated in a poison that puts people to sleep. The target will get a saving throw, naturally, put I'm thinking about negatives to the saving throw due to the magical properties. Maybe not, since Sleep is a spell and there aren't any negatives to that saving throw.

For each level of the PC, that is how many times they can use the poison on the dagger before it has to be re-sheathed (out of commission for 1 round). This could become very deadly (so now I'm rethinking the negatives to the saving throw). I'm confident that the PCs will have use for a sleeping enemy besides something to practice their assassinations on.

So...any thoughts on this one?


I like it, especially if the duration is *very short*. Sleeping targets can be instantly slain, so a short duration means the window for getting that kill is small - so the thief could get overwhelmed but against a single enemy is very deadly [just like backstab!].

I'd also consider a daily use limit on top of what you have, as re-sheathing the weapon only costs a round which is very low considering the power of the blade (sleep = instant kill on the next round). Perhaps the blade must be re-sheathed, left for a day and 400 gp devoted to the god of poison at a local temple.
Squirrely said…
I do like the per day idea instead of per sheathing.

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