Sigmarzeit 1 - 2

The boy Gunthar has paid for me to have a bath and some new clothes. My hair is no longer dirty and matted, and I feel like a completely different person. I found some faded, but matching shirt and breeches, some used boots, a cap, tunic, and scarf.

We headed to the Illuminated Fish Tavern. Gunthar headed across the street to pray. I went inside to grab a seat. Starlana already in there and Lorr came in shortly afterward. Lorr had a broken sword tip he found at one of the burned down houses. Gunthar came back in as we were examining it.

We decided to keep the sword tip and not turn it in to the authorities quite yet. It was our only clue and we were pretty sure we wanted to go on the quest to find out why nobles were going missing. I know I want the money.

When we separated for the night, we didn't have a place to go, so Gunthar and I headed back to Joseph's cottage to ask if we could camp on the lawn. I had mentioned that I have a tent, and Gunthar said we could sleep outside. He wouldn't listen to me tell him it was a patched and leaky one-man tent.

Joseph invited us inside for the night, and told me the story of Arianka. Unfortunately, because of all the food Starlana bought me and the warm cottage, I fell asleep.

Day 2

All four of us met back at the Illuminated Fish, as agreed. We decided, with help from Joseph and because of a contact of Starlana's, that we were going to investigate Sir Cedric Doyle's house. What we didn't realize was everyone else was there trying to investigate it, too!

We arrived at the house and headed around to the back because Starlana knows one of the serving maids. The three of us stayed back while Starlana went forward to talk to the guard. Oh yeah, there are guards everywhere because of all the people trying to investigate. Anyway, she talks for a while, then the guard steps into the house. He comes back with a woman who must be Starlana's friend. They talk and she steps in and comes back with a butler looking guy.

During all this, Lorr had gotten out his pan pipes and started playing. So, I hauled out my flute. Unfortunately, we caught the attention of quite a crowd, because when the butler brought us inside, a lot of people were angry. I'm not from around here, so I don't really care what they think.

This butler, Bartlof, brought us in to a beautiful receiving room. Everything is fancy; I don't even want to sit in a chair for fear of sullying it! All the shaped metal I pick up is real. There are no fake decorations to be seen. The woman lives in style. I kind of wish I had been a noble.

The butler left us alone for a while and then returned with the lady of the house herself. She told us that her husband had expected us to come and even had letters waiting for us. That's absolutely amazing, considering we're not from around here. She held up four envelopes, and I barely recognized my name on one. I'm really not that good at reading.

Gunthar read my letter, and Lorr's, and his. They all said the same thing. Something about the Lord seeing this day coming and preparing in advance for it. He didn't see enough, as the letter says he is dead!

He did the most amazing thing, though. He left us a chest with various items. This strange lord! We were also given permission to search the grounds for clues.

Barlof took us to a study where the lord was killed. The chest with our gifts was in the study, too.

The room was a mess. Papers were strewn all over, and you could tell someone had recently cleaned blood off the floor. Still, we headed in to the chest to see what was bequeathed us. There was a sword, obviously for Gunthar, though it wasn't flaming, much to his dismay. There was a spear for Starlana. There was a staff for Lorr. The only remaining weapon was a short bow. I had never used a shortbow, but I grabbed it anyway. It might be good for resale later, if nothing else.

There was also indication from the letter that these weapons are magical in nature. Somehow they are supposed to cause more damage than the average weapon of their type. Magic is another reason why I might want to sell the bow. It's an untrustworthy thing at the very least.

Also in the chest were pieces of armor. I got a pot helmet and a chain mail shirt. These aren’t magical, so they are much more comfortable.

Finally in the chest was a vial for each of us. This vial contained some liquid that was labeled for use in our eyes. Apparently, if we dropped the liquid in our eyes, we would be able to see in the dark. Amazingly enough, we got to test this out really soon.

Someone in the party noticed scratches under Cedric’s bed. He had a bed in his office for when he got tired when studying, we were told. I didn’t mind getting dirty, so I bent down to look at the scratches. It was then that I found a hole under his bed! That explained the mysterious disappearances.

We moved the bed and looked down the hole. It was dark. Someone suggested using the eye drops. I thought it was a good idea, so I put them right in. The tunnel looked dug with claws and dropped about five feet. We grabbed our items and hopped down the hole, well, all but Lorr. He’s too big to fit. He stayed to watch our extra gear.

The hole led to an extensive sewer system under the city. We followed a lot of the tunnels. Some led to the ocean, where the sewer drained out. Other led underneath other noble houses, including the two that had been burnt down. Also, one tunnel led to a small chaos shrine. Gunthar couldn’t tell us who the shrine was to, but he could tell it was evil. We finished up trying to figure out the room, who uses it, and where they come from.

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