Prospector Leone Anwyn Wolff


"People don't think me lucky, but I am. I guess luck, sometimes, is in the eye of the beholder.

"For instance, I know for sure I'm working straight toward a big gold find. I know it. If I had one more day, a full day of work, I'd be there. The problem is that I don't have enough energy to put in another full day of work...or even multiple partial days of work. I have been out here for months straight and I am beat.

"So I had to set off, leave my find behind. I'm out of food, out of scraps, and out of hope of making it back to town alive if I didn't leave now. I had hoped someone would pass me along the road and offer a ride. Again, I was lucky.

"I found out later just how lucky I really am. A roadwarden picked me up on his way to the next settlement. I don't weigh any more than 100 pounds soaking wet right now. It was nothing for him to carry me behind him on his horse. He even had some food, trail rations notwithstanding.

"But, that's not the luckiest part. Turns out the warden picked me up about 15 minutes before a band of beastmen ran across the exact spot in the road I would have been otherwise walking down. A local trapper saw the band from behind some trees and reported it to the settlement when he arrived.

"Now I'm back in civilization. Back where I can sell my last decent belongings for a scrap of bread and a couple of apples. A feast. Back to where I can start over, earning some money until I can afford to go back to my find. Now, you tell me I'm not lucky."

Leone's hair is blonde, dirty, and matted, making it look darker than it is. Her eyes are blue and lifeless. Any out strength or fervor she ever possessed has been starved out of her. She's emaciated and looks no more than a 96 lb weakling. There's nothing attractive about her at all at this point in her life. She's just has a weak patheticness which breaks the hearts of more tender souls, causing them to want to feed her.

She wasn't always this way, though she was never exactly rich growing up. Her father was a laborer and her mother but a mediocre cook. Her older brother joined the army as soon as he could and was sent to Prague. They haven't heard from him since. Her younger sister really doesn't have anyone left to look up to, but Leonie tells her that she doesn't want to grow up to be anything like her.

Leone didn't know what to do with her life, so she decided to go panning for her fortune. The job's not always exciting, but she's learned a few helpful skills along the way. These skills might even help her make something of herself if she wasn't so focused on prospecting. She's not brilliant, she's not tough, and she's not refined. There are few ways a girl like her can make a living. And there are fewer that are actually attractive prospects.

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